Day to day living costs in Gaborone

by Alan on 18/01/2011

Most ex-pats have the idea that Botswana is a very expensive place to live. This is probably because most foreigners visit Botswana as tourists, and as the country’s tourism industry is aimed at the higher end of the market, things can get very expensive indeed. However normal life in Gaborone is not too expensive at all and you will find that your dollar/pound/euro goes quite a long way.  Here are a few examples of day to day costs, recorded in Jan 2017.  We will add to the list over time (including items other than beer & chips!):

  • Draught beer at a bar in a shopping mall – 30 Pula.
  • Chicken & chips at a sit down restaurant in a shopping mall  – 90 Pula.
  • Hamburger & chips at a local place (non-chain) – 40 Pula.
  • 2 pieces of chicken & chips at KFC – 40 Pula.
  • Coffee at a shopping mall (Mugg & Bean etc) – 20 Pula.
  • Point to point taxi fare around Gaborone – 50 Pula.
  • Admission to a cinema at a shopping mall – 50 Pula.
  • Litre of Petrol – 8.60 Pula.

To obtain the current exchange rate simple type BWP into Google.

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